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Prior Lake High School

Senior Class Will


I, BARB SCHENDEL, WILL all my old trombone spit, the whole annual, and "sis" to Connie O'Keefe - may she do with them whatever she wants.

I, LONNIE GEHLAR, WILL my powerful backhand tennis smash to Darcy Johnson.

I, JOE EDGERTON, WILL my great driving ability, and ability to keep a car in one piece for a whoe week, to Bill Weinberg.

I, MEG MICKUS, WILL my ability to climb roofs and dodge hanging tree limbs to Connie O'Keefe.

I, BONNIE BORCHARDT, WILL to Jan Kelton my ability to drive through the school parking lot and remain seated in the drivers seat.

I, JERRY ANDERSON, WILL to the underclassmen, mostly freshmen, Mr. Ferris and all his jokes.

I, BRAD LAMB, WILL to any sucker who wants it my great ability to make the locker room a place of fun, also all the chicks in Prior Lake get my great ability to hustle them up.  I wish I had one to give.

I, BRIAN LOUIS HANEL, WILL to the chess team my chess set and prowess,'cause I think they're gonna need it.

I, PAM CLEMENS, WILL to my sister Renee Mike's black billy club.

I, SQUIRRELY SHIRLEY THEIS, WILL to anyone who's hungry enough, and hard up enough to work for their lunch, my job in the dishwashing room.

I, BARB HAUGH, WILL to Rene Clemens two pillows.

I, PERKY HANSON, WILL to Pam Green all my big purple hickeys because Dave can't give them as good as Coon.

I, PAT BURNHAM, WILL nothing to the Junior class because I drank it all.

I, MARY KRUEGER, WILL my ability to sit through long dull English classes to Rosie Kramer.

I, GAIL BRYANT, WILL to Kathy Carpenter a lifetime supply of bananas and free use of the darkroom without interruptions from Dean Johnson.

I, AL MCCOLL, WILL to Gordy Wiborg all the luck I had and the wrestling team, then I'll sell him a good set of crutches and all the fun I had that goes with them.

I, PAM KLEGIN, WILL to Darcy Johnson the title of President of the S.S.'s.

I, KATHY FARMER, WILL to Cindy Busse her health during Mr. R. Zieman reports so she won't become ill again.

I, JOHN LUTZ, WILL to a kleptomaniac my stereo tape player.

I, PATTY THEIS and JEAN THOMPSON, WILL to each other the ability to write these fantastic wills.

I, BONNIE THEIS, WILL to Karen Lynn Borchardt my chair in Co-Op.

I, JEAN RADANKE, WILL to my sister Joyce, Jerry Askov.

I, DAVE LINDSTROM, WILL to the Math Department and Wanda a slightly used math book to the school to practice meat heads for a whole year.

I, PLAYBOY GARY JOHNSON, WILL to good old Gordy Wiborg my wrestling ability and hustling ability to chase dollies.

I, MICKEY HERGOTT, WILL the hustlers with love and a lot of good memories, a radio for the Dodge 330.

I, JOAN WICKMAN, WILL to DeDe Harper the first flute chair before Helle gets there.

I, GEORGE YOUNGVORST, WILL to Dean Johnson my whistle and my red horn. To Mike Miller one chewed up fin. To Steve Schuler Lin Bennett. To Mr. Young a crusty green and white towel. To Paul Berg the broken bathing caps. To Joe Knox an empty bottle of Spanada.....

I, DARRELL RADANKE, WILL my suck I have with getting along with some of the teachers to a goody goody Junior.

I, STEVE FARREL, WILL my driving skills to Ed Petsch.

I, LORI JOHNSON, WILL the laundromat, Doris Grimmer, Pam Green and my tongue, to Cindy Siebert.

I, VAL THOMPSON, WILL my chest to anyone who will put up or out with it. How about it DeDe?

I, TED SAMMIS, WILL Scott Eggen a good pair of shoes so he doesn't have to wear Pumas anymore and my Kawasaki to Terry McKinley so he can go faster.

I, BURDELL BRINKMAN, WILL my quick temper to Rick Cress.

I, NANCY FRINKMAN, WILL my private book of obscenities for band and chorus to Heidi Schmidt.

I, GEORGE M.J. GOLD, WILL my team suit with the hole in it to Dean Johnson.

I, MICKEY GOETTL, WILL the title of Treasurer of the S.S.'s to Marie Goettl.

I, KATHY KLINGBERG, WILL the title of Secretary of the S.S.'s to Jackie Cates.

I, BRENT JOHNSON, WILL my fantastic ability to foul out of almost every basketball game to Bruce Smith.

I, JAY STORY, WILL to Tom Mee hair for his legs so he looks decent for basketball.

I, DEBBIE DAVIS, WILL my title of Vice President of the S.S.'s to Connie O'Keefe and I WILL my place on Mrs. Best's black list to an undeserving Junior.

I, DIANE HAMMOND, WILL one case of Mountain Dew and a pair of non-creep underwear to Denice Hotch.

I, ROXANNE MUELLER, WILL serving bread to the lunchroom to Penny Melville.

I, MIKE JOHNSON, WILL to Bruce Smith and Tom Mee a fagot laugh.

I, GREG FROST, WILL one complete set of tail lights to anyone wanting to pull a trailer without lights at night.

I, LYN TORKELSON, WILL $15 monthly to keep up my habit of speediness and great ability to be alert at all times; also my membership card to the Crispy Critters Fan Club to David Latham.

I, BARB FRIEDGES, WILL all my empties to someone who is very capable and reliable of handling them, like say Joe Feldman.

I, PAT BILLMAN, WILL my pipe to Cindy Bennington.

I, PEGGY JORGENSON, WILL my great driving ability and all my tiring mornings at Country Kitchen to Mary Jane Kearney.

I, ANGIE KITTLESLAND, WILL my blue rambler to the "72" football cheerleaders for their watermelon feeds and 6:00 a.m. practices.

I, DENISE SMED, WILL Ernie Ballenger and his entire squaw reservation to Mr. Ferris' english class.

I, GRANT SCHRODEDER, WILL my ability to give meatheads to Robert Jones and Lorrie White.

I, SCOTT EGGEN, WILL my life long buddy and pal Bobby Jones to the Prior Lake Athletic Department for ever and ever. AMEN.

I, NADINE MORTIER, WILL my philosophy of finding happiness and love in the world to Rosie Kramer.

WE, CINDY CURRIER AND VICKIE CLARK, WILL all our favorite Thursday night GROSSEE'S to Heidi Schmidt.

I, PATTY FARMER, WILL my neat fainting trick to anyone who gets a shot.

I, DEBBIE HARPER, WILL Steve Berge and my box of magic markers to Barb Ramberg.

I, JACKIE FREDIN, WILL to Craig Hogensin my swim fins so he can get to school through the puddles.

I, TOM GUSTAFSON, WILL my hair to Robert Jones and Leo Fluor.

I, ALAN MONNENS, WILL all my great brains, my pen that won't write and my pencil that's too small to sharpen to Kim Schmaltz.

I, MARCIA OLSON, WILL my Martha Hollywood walk to Diane Hafennan.

WE, JACKIE FREDIN AND LONNIE GELHAR, WILL our swimming locker and content; moldy towels, alcohol, baby lotion, alberto balsam and other unmentionables to Lin Bennett.

I, JEANNE VALLEZ, WILL my dull weekends and my ability to get past an I.D. check to Kathy Casey provided she utilizes them to the fullest.

I, PAT RYAN, WILL my drinking experience to Gordy Wiborg.

I, PAMELA MUELLER, WILL all of my scheduling problems and one honest to goodness smile to anyone who wants it.

I, JOHN KRASKA, WILL one empty apple hill bottle to Mark Thompson.

I, PAULA HAFERMAN, WILL to Candy Wallin my ability to stay cool in Mr. Ziemann's class.

I, AL JOHNSON, WILL my great bike riding ability to Jerry Askov.

I, BRAD LEIN, WILL a cap off a beer bottle to Steve Schuler so when he sniffs it he can get high.

I, THOMAS KROYER, WILL my ability to hide in Barb Friedges' closets when the electricity fails to Donny Kroyer.

I, MIKE LATHAM, WILL my long hair and my bizarre ways to anyone in the school, including Mr. Dahlgren.

I, STEVE CARLSON, WILL all my clothes to brother Scott because he wears them anyway, but also my long underwear to Mr. Dahlgren for next snow week.

WE, THE CLASS OF "72", will Mr. Dahlgren back to Griswald, because their sinking ship needs a few more holes.


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