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At the informal reunion at Ted and Lynnda's in August of 2009, several folks talked about keeping in touch and meeting more often.  It ocurred to me that there could be events going on in someone's life that they may want to share with others in the class.  For example, a child or grandchild may become a famous actor or director or animator.  The proud parent may want to brag to the rest of us and say "If you see this movie, look for my kid's name in the credits."  Or someone might be an artist and have a private show coming up.  Others of us in the area might want to stop by and see it.  Or perhaps one of us is a local performer and would like to invite others in the class to their performance.  And, some folks like to share becoming a grandparent or great-grandparent.

Event Date
Reunion at Ted and Lynnda's - Click to view pictures 8/01/09

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