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Class of 1972 Prophesy


Driving down the road we can see Gene Blohm. Oh, poor Gene was hit by a Ford. As they say, Ford still has a better idea.

Coming down main street you can see many exciting things. Looking to the left, is Mr. Randall's Salon, where Randy Busse has a job as chief hair stylist. Next we come to an auto body shop where Greg Clark is still trying to figure out what he did wrong in putting Mr. Wolson's car together.

There are many stores around and one is Busse's Super Store, where Kathy is head butcher.

Gail Bryant has moved up in the world, and now manages MaMa Bryant's Beanery, where I hear Al Lentner is chief cook and bottle washer.

MaMa's Beanery is in hot water right now over the competition with Lou Ann Riley, now managing Clem's Drive-in.

Down the road is the local feed mill where Pat from Platt's works.

Micky Hergott now has a painting studio where she paints self portraits in the nude while singing "Is that all there is".

Stopping at a magazine stand, Peter Schmidt's best seller entitled, "Robin in the Sun". Getting hold of an underground newspaper, by the Brad and Brady Bunch, you can see that Gail Rook and Lynn Torkelson found nothing else to smoke so they smoked their bras.

Also in the news is that Evil Kaboney Frost and his jet powered mini bike ran over Dickie Schlader.

Tom Gustafson and the well known playboy and hippie of our time, Brian Hanel, are in charge of S.O.S "Save Our Swamps Club".

Jane Osborne opened a new kennel for hunting dogs called, "Osborne Pointers". Joe Pulk thought that was funny.

Nancy Frinkman married an African Pygmy. Alan Monnens thought that was funny.

Perry Petrick is top of the class at Podunk University, where Kevin Ryan teaches commuter skills. Incidentally, Dave Lindstrom is still trying to pass his entrance exams. Tom Mayer also teaches at Podunk University. He inherited a great fortune consisting of a brown and gray suit and a year's supply of chalk.

Al McColl is a movie director and uses in his commercials, Debbie Harper, who sings for Peter Paul Candy bars and her most outstanding one is "I love My Mounds".

Lonnie Gelhar plays the piano for soap operas. One famous soap opera named, "Wiesel at Work" stars Jeff Giesel.

Glenn Fristed is fashion consultant for many movies. White socks are in now, so Glenn wears colored ones.

Mike Latham is the principal of the local high school and has sent skinny Peg McKenney to Marcia Olson Walking School, founded by a former principal by the name of Dan Dahlgren.

Darrell Radanke has become a full time bird watcher and specializes in woodpeckers.

Cousin Jean helps feed the birds while Mary Roach sold her brothers and sisters and started a bird watching club of her own.

Bob Weinberg has worked at Coo Coo Clocks for so long he's become nuts, especially in mornings.

But Nadine Mortier still says, "Everything you've done she's done better."

We could stop and get ice cream at Steve's Ice Cream Parlor owned by Steve Farrell. I hear it's a real cool place or if you have a sweet tooth we could stop at the "Kathy and Patty Cousins Farmers Fanny Company" and get a nice treat. Barb Schendel is presently employed as her president. To the right you can see Scott Eggen (he still has the Polar Bear Image) riding his white horse wearing his white suit of armor. Coming along is another family center called Pete and Diane's. I believe Barb Schendel is employed here as manager. Pat Burnham just walked into the family center followed by Jerry Anderson. Pat's head is so shiny that Jerry can see himself without his glasses. Bonnie Borchardt has taken over her father's job and drives past in the garbage truck, also, for a hobby she likes to dye hair.

We have to stop now for there is a parade going on. Well there's Pam Clemens also called Irv Jr. She follows her daddies footsteps and marches down the road. Incidentally, Pam was also an honored Poppy Queen many many years ago.

Jeanne Vallez was hospitalized in Albert Lea, for sexually desperate people. Jeanne is fine now and is married with 16 children. She married Jay Story, the doctor of the hospital.

Denise Smed also is a doctor, only an animal doctor. She is looking over George Youngvorst because it seems he has a mercury content equal to that of a tuna.

Don Sladek is now employed at seven grocery stores and is chief carry-out boy in five of them.

Tanya Zarow has become a writer, singer, dancer, chemist, mathematician, musician and poet, her famous poem is in honor of Joan Wickman, it goes as such: Joan be nimble, Joan be quick, Joan jumped over the candle wick.

I see Bonnie Theis and Mary Krueger are walking the street.

Also on the Bull Crap Team is Larry Boltz where cheerleaders cry out, "Nuts and Screws, Nuts and Screws, we go Boltz.

After nearly 20 long years Vicki Clark still goes out with Wayne, even though she doesn't understand him or half of what he says.

Jackie Fredin had a casualty at her bakery last week. She was caught loafing and burnt her buns.  Tom Craig works there as Chief Grease Slopper.'

Greg Siebold sold his fruit market and is selling Captain Crunch instead.

Tom Kroyer is doing good in his career. He has a basketball court in his back yard, and always wins when he plays by himself.

Don Iverson is now cured after having cancer of the cowlick.

Our old mayor, Leo Jacques, has moved for he feels the grass is greener in New Market.

Al Johnson does Gary's book work at "Luggy's Stud Service Station".  He opened this in 1971 when the Snow Tires Act was defeated.

John Kraska owns a fashion agency where beautiful Peggy Jorgenson works.  Maybelline means beautiful eyes.

Kerrie Monson is the first fully clothed playboy fold out.

Rick Hammers got nailed while Ted Sammis and DeDe (singing their duet) entertained at Sammis' restaurant.

Barb Friedges is the chief beer taster at Jones' Tavern in downtown Credit river. Entertaining tonight at Jones' is the topless singing star Val Thompson singing "Tiny Bubbles". A regular customer of Jones' is Pam Klegin, but she s gone to water, she says it still tastes like wine.

Kathy Klingberg is here, she's still got a hangover from May 26, 1972.  Meg Mickus opened a real estate company. She has plenty of areas.

Perky lives in Creekwood and is raising a litter of Coons.

While Lori and Brent, or Johnson and Johnson, have added a Johnson and Johnson and Johnson and Johnson.

Following Pam is the Johnny Carson Band.  Only now Cindy "Doc" Currier takes Doc Severson's place as leader of the band. What talent she has. Imagine leading a band and playing 13 instruments at the same time! After the band is a convertible with Debbie Davis and Mike Hennen riding on the back.  Debbie, a Close relative of Betty, I believe, is noted for her movie, called "Grant Schroeder and the Miracles of Sports" where Debbie Plays the Captain of the Pom Pom Team. She also got a life role in "As the Stomach Turns". Mike, on the other hand, played Hermy.

There on main street goes a hot looking guy, it's got to be Joe Edgerton.

On the corner store to the right is the "Goettl and Carlson Incorporation" where Micky specializes in ponchos and Steve is pretty good at making Barbie dolls.  Jim Humbert is planning to Join the corporation and make little "Kittles".

Speaking of Angie, they say she's got a new tongue. It's guaranteed to last three days or three million words, whichever comes first.

Brad Lein, who started a chain of car washes, is still in the business.

I see Pam Mueller is shining up her car now. Incidentally, Pam has grown a beard and is now a mailman, while Roxanne Mueller is clothes designer at Target Boutique. Roxanne is also working on a new kind of sewing machine. A kind that goes automatically.

John Lutz is trying his luck on inventions also. He's trying to invent a non-flippable Corvair in case of a flat tire.

Oh, Dennis Thompson picked them up. By the way, Dennis has started a new layaway plan for maids at the Radisson South.

Jean Thompson has found a cure for hickies using garlic around the neck. Mike Johnson is on the U.S. Bull Crap Team and a part time hickie goalie. Mike is allergic to garlic.

Barb Haugh is dancing away to the music. She's doing the '76 Watusi.

Eugene Klingberg is picking up the milk at Patty Theis' farm. Eugene invented a new milk truck, it's called the Porta Keg. He also started a dairy farm - it is called Klingberg's Boones Farm.

Denise Kjos opened a dentist office in downtown Credit River. Acting as her assistant is the former Dr. Olson.

Well folks, that's our 1972 Graduates of 10 years after. We hope that the 1973 Graduates have lots more luck than we did.


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