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Prior Lake High School

Class of 1972 History


In 1960, a group of 29 hyperactive first graders crowded the halls of Prior Lake Elementary School. They were: Don (little tractor head) Barlage, Gene (Flybait) Blohm, Bonnie (Pekenise) Borchardt, Kathy Busse, Randy Busse, Robin Busse, Greg (Bonehead) Clark, Tom (Cool McCool) Craig, Neil (Bubba) Flynn, Glen (Clem) Fristed, George Gold, Paula Hafennann, Brent (B.J.) Johnson, Leo (Jocks) Jacques, Peggy (Piggy) Jorgenson, Eugene (Geno) Klingberg, Kathy (Kling-Klang) Klingberg, Mary (Kruger-cat) Krueger, Pam Mueller, Roxanne (Rose) Mueller, Darrell (Sterile) Radanke, Lou Ann Riley, Grant (Dumbo) Schroeder, Debbie Schumann, Greg (Seadog) Siebold, Denise (Smuddley) Smed, Jay (Court) Story, Bonnie Theis.

Grant always loved milk break and also the sound of shattering milk bottles. George Gold and Greg Clark on one of their own private field trips, decided to test the temperature of the water in the swamp in the back of the school and promptly fell in. Unfortunately they were saved.

Pam Klegin, Jay Story, Brent Johnson and Carla Jackson, were mad because they had to miss their recess all because of the homecoming coronation. On top of it all Jay dropped the crown and Brent had to promise to get rid of his cold sores before he could be in it.

In second grade, two more students were added to the happy group. They were Marcia (Martha Hollywood) Olson and Lynn (Tork) Torkelson. One of the events that highlighted the year was the class recess in the ball park, when Hope Pahl broke Denise Smed's nose on the swing and the whole class had to give up their treasured recess because Denise had to go to the doctor. Also the two doored bathroom was the source of a lot of people's embarrassment.

In third grade Patty Billman, Steve (Slim) Carlson, Al (McCloud) McColl, and Dave Lindstrom joined these scholars. A big event was Paula Hafermann fainting after braving a shot from the school doctor.

Fourth grade brought an excitement and also, Mary Busse, Pam (Lil Erv) Clemmens, Nancy Frinkman, Mickey Goettl, Brian (Weatherman) Hanel, Debbie Harper, Carol Lampman, and Meg (Keg) Mickus. One little guy was so nervous he had an accident all over his chair. Isn't that right Al. Half the year went by and we moved into the new elementary. Now our playtime seemed to be spent in the lavatories playing with the new sink. And who could forget BamBam Schroeder "King of the Farts."

Time marched on and so did we. For our fifth grade year we went back to the new elementary school. This year brought us: Vicki (Icky) Clark, Jim (Burbert) Humbert, Don (Cowlick) Iverson, Angle (Sally) Kittelsland, Al (Cowboy) Lentner, John (Klutz) Lutz, and Don (Slad) Sladek. The boys finally noticed "girls". The couples of the year were: Meg and Grant and Kathy and Brent.

The big excitement of the sixth grade was the classical endball tournament between the classes of Mrs. Carpenter and Mr. Hoff. Both teams still claim they won.

Now we were the big shots of the elementary school with such prestigious jobs as lunch line workers or flag raisers. Those who joined us this year were: Gail Bryant. Perky (Mouth) Hanson, Lori (Kay) Hansen. Mike (Hermie) Hennen, Barb Schendel, Patty Theis, and Val (Squeeky) Thompson.

The science fair saw us working on such advanced science projects as bread mold, erupting volcanoes and cell structures.

In the romance department Brent and Kathy Busse, Roxanne and Grant, Jim Humbert and Lori Hansen, Perky Hanson and Randy Busse kept the halls buzzing; and though nothing ever cane of it Debbie Harper confided in Lori Hansen that she thought Neil Flynn looked like Elvis Presley.

Perky's mouth got her into trouble for the first time when she stood up and answered "Yes Ma'am" to Mr. Justin. It was by no means the last time Perky had trouble with her mouth.

Back to the bottom of the ladder as 7th graders, Jerry (Eyes) Anderson, Larry (Nuts) Boltz, Pat (Fuzz) Burnham, Jackie Fredin. Tom (Swampcat) Gustafson, Greg (Jack Frost) Frost, Rick Hammers, Al Johnson, Gary (Luggy) Johnson, LaVonne (Luvy) Kes, Brad (Egghead) Lein, Tom Mayer, Jean Thomspon and George (Fish) Youngvorst joined us as we roamed the halls of the Senior High. Our favorite teacher was Mr. Rohlik, who would complain about playing password or charades every day. The one problem was Mr. Rohlik's unusual methods of discipline, like choking Dave Lindstrom with a belt.

There were some romantic changes this year as Grant discovered Val. Jim found Angie-then lost her, then found her again. Lori Hansen got her first kiss from Kenny Klingberg and Debbie Davis got hers from Brent. Did they get their signals crossed?

Ever wonder how those giant spitballs that dropped from the ceiling in the algebra room got there? Ask Kathy Klingberg.

As 8th graders, we were joined by Burdell (Bird Dog) Brinkman, Steve Farrell, Tom (Kumba) Kroyer, Pam (Pammy Poo) Klegin, Peggy McKenney, Kerrie (Monsoon) Monson, Kevin (Boots) Ryan, Pat (Garbage Gut) Ryan and Pete Schmidt. Who will ever forget Froggy's favorite filmstripper - Angie. Angle and Jackie Fredin, two of the more radical students in the class, clashed with the establishment and got kicked out of class for wearing culottes. This, plus the fact that some of the boys were being unduly persecuted for the length of their hair, provoked some of us to participate in the sit down strike. You'll remember that the strike wasn't exactly a smashing success.

Debbie (Dog) Davis, Joe (Squirrel-Bait) Edgerton, Scott (June Bug) Eggen, Kathy Farmer, Barb (BSAF) Friedges, Jeff (Wiesel) Giesel, Diane (Hammerhead) Hammond, Barb Haugh, Mickey (Hood) Hergott, Mike (Spike) Johnson, John (Carrot Top) Kraska, Brad (Banana Man) Lamb, Nancy Lee, Al (Butter Ball) Monnens, Jane Osborne, Greg Osborne, Jean Radanke, Mary Roach, Ted (Sambo) Sammis, Shirley (Garbonzo) Theis, Joan (Wicker Dicker) Wickman and Tanya Zarow, came to us as 9th graders.

Scott must have had a giant case of indigestion when he decided to eat Paula's pencil one day. Our favorite teacher as freshman was Mr. "Springer" Wilcox.

Homecoming brought a surprise for us when the class of "72" won a prize for our float. Remember those float meetings at Kathy Klingberg's? The dance rolled around and Tom Kroyer was so excited about his date with Debbie that he forgot his tie, as a matter of fact, he forgot to dance with her too. Scott Eggen seemed to have a monopoly on the romantic supply in 9th grade. There was Scott and Angie, Scott and Peggy, Scott and LaVonne and on and on and on.

In tenth grade we added Cindy (Lips) Currier, Lonnie Gelhar, Angie (Pieper) Geis, Dennis (Aztex) Thompson. Being in the new Senior High was an adventure, it had its drawbacks, such as eating our lunches in the auto shop.

Biology students will never forget Mr. Miller's slightly red face as he related to us the intimate details of the sex life of Planaria.

Some of us found ourselves in the Think Tank, contemplating our wrongdoings. Wrecking the radiator of your car and going in the ditch is no major problem unless you were like Brent and didn't have your license yet.

Our favorite teacher was substitute Irv Clemens. Nothing like the teacher offering to leave the room so the class can work on a Mayor test together.

Hip boots didn't keep us dry on our Biology swamp field trip. There were a few accidents and many not so accidential and we all had to go home and change.

Our Junior year saw the repeal of the dress code and the girls shed their skirts for the comfort of jeans. At first the boys complained about the lack of legs, but they soon discovered all was not lost. The newcomers this year were Carol Brady, Patty (Farkel) Farmer and Bob (Bobby) Weinberg.

That was the year of bomb scares. The water fights in Chemistry were some of our milder shenanigans as we learned our way around the new school.

Those romantically inclined were George and Gail, Steve and Lin Bennett, Al Lentner and Carol Brady, Rich and Diane, Jim and Denetta, Jay and Ros, Pam Mueller and Herb Tessmer, Roxanne and Larry, Barb and Steve, Meg and Mike, Vicki and Wayne, Pete and Robin, George Gold and Cathy Carpenter, Don Iverson and Denetta, Jim and Angie, Val and Tom, Micky and Jim. So we ended the year anxious for the summer but ready with plans for our Senior year.

Our Senior year Denise Kjos, Nadine Mortier, Joe (Joke) Pulk, Gail Rook and Jeanne (Hands) Vallez became part of our class.

The football team made us all happy by winning the Homecoming game.

Minnehaha Falls was the scene of the action one weekend for several senior couples, remember all the fried chicken? Ask Scott what happens when you swing on trees.

To raise money, we had raffles for Christmas stockings and a giant rabbit.

Snow Week saw us decorating the commons. By the end of the week, we thought if we never cut out another snowflake it would be too soon.

On slave day, Greg Frost had a few spills off his stretcher and Pat lived up to his nickname by winning the snowball eating contest.

We had a break. We didn't have a break. Well, you can't win them all.

Well, that's been or history up to now. Looking a little way into the future to graduation .............. let's hope we all make it!


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